Huuuge Party


These digital paintings show the condition of uncertainty and impossibility, and most of them are about the restricted bodies, which are smooth, juicy, healthy, even erotic, with bold colors, expanding their presence.
But at the same time, they are trapped with the bold existence of themselves, then it turned into nausea, the nausea of existence. 

这些数码绘画展示了不确定性和不可能性的状况,它们中的大多数是关于受限制的身体——光滑、多汁、健 康、甚至是情色的,有着醒目和大胆的颜色,扩张着它们的存在。但与此同时,它们也被自身这种醒目的存在所困,紧接着转向了恶心——存在的恶心。
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