Walking Alone


Material: salt, soil, fabric, clay, cement, gypsum, fiberglass, wood, moss, aluminium foil, metal
Size: dimensions variable

When the sailors meet Siren,by mistake,they think they back to their hometown,but maybe she never sings the song. In the Eros and Thanatos,which have lured Odysseus is his imagination,It is the imagination for ocean seduces him. In that way, imagination is dangerous cause it makes you believe that is true ,and if it wants to seek validation in real life,It would be much more devastating. People who are obsessed with this kind of imagination, the song of Siren, would be willing to go drowning voluntarily.

当水手遇上塞壬,误以为回到故乡,但也许她根本没有唱歌。在爱欲与死欲中,诱惑奥德修斯的是奥德修斯的想象本身,是 大海诱惑生命,或者说,是对大海的想象诱惑了他。在这个意义上,想象是危险的,因为它会使你信以为真,假如它试图在现实世界中寻求验证,那么它将变得更加具有毁灭性。 沉浸于这种想象(塞壬的歌声)的人,会心甘情愿的走向溺亡。

This is a lure from imagination,a kind of self-seduction,an obscurity under the veil. A kind of light suffocation, strangulation of caressing.But there is a question: If we don't want to go "drowning" in our imagination,does there exist a kind of pure reality,which could be accessible without through the process of imagination? If we try to resist addiction through a way of self-isolation, does it means we have resisted the reality at the same time?

这是一种想象的诱惑,一种自我诱惑,一种面纱之下的不透明性。但这里存在一个问题: 假如我们不想现实中走向想象的“溺亡”, 那么,如果不经由想象,纯粹的现实本身是否是能被达到的? 如果试图抵抗沉溺——通过封闭自己的心智的方式,是否也就同时抵抗了真实?

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