Why You Hate Me?


Material: clay, acrylic pigment, water pipes, spring-paint, eva foam, curved mirror, textile
Size: dimensions variable

This work is about weakness, tension, and skepticism, with a personal paranoia and aggrievedness.
There is some small causeless malice in our daily life, which couldn't be blamed because of its naturality and non-intention.

该作品关于脆弱 紧张和怀疑。
生活里的这些小小恶意,出于其无意( unintention) 和天然性,不可被指摘。

For the indirect causers of the malice, they are struggling all the time. For the direct “object” itself, it can't even take any responsibility at all.
So if there exist something that has to be questioned at the end of the day,who could we question to? And what should we question for?

对于恶的间接引起者,在超越 世俗 动物性之中苦苦挣扎,而至于直接的“引发物”本身,它甚至根本无法承担任何责任。 但其中似乎存在某种不可测的必然性。所以如果怀疑到底,最后该向谁质问? 该质问些什么?

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