Chenxuan Yue

岳 宸 萱


Ongoing 摄影 Photography

The Rhetoric  

2022 雕塑 诗歌 Sculpture & Poems

In low winds, these vortices cancel each other out. A Text.

2020-2021 雕塑 文本 Sculpture & Text

Huuuge Party 

2020-2021 绘画 Painting

Under the Cliff

2021 绘画 诗歌 Painting & Poem

Book Recipe 

2020 Zine 诗歌 Poem/ Collaborative Project

Walking Alone

2019-2020 雕塑 Sculpture


2019 雕塑 Sculpture


2019 行为 Performance

Why you hate me?

2018-2019 雕塑 Sculpture

He is innocent beyond a shadow of doubt. 

2018-2019 装置 Installation



Landscape Architecture


Chenxuan Yue (b.1997) is a Chinese artist who works with a variety of perspectives and methods. Chenxuan’s practice often uses traditional handmade materials combined with industrial products and man-made models to explore the relationship between structure, imagination, and the material world of everyday life. Her work often focuses on the structural methods humans attempt to establish in everyday life, such as language, symbols, industrial products, and public constructs, and their blurriness, slippage, or collapse.

Her recent work The Rhetoric, explores moments when boundaries were blurred and the capacity of language as a form of imagination to invade reality and create chaos. As a speech decoration, a manufactured difference, forged blood and body, a color of temptation, a symbol, an imagination, and a pretense, the cherries grow, from madness to silence, and the expansion of rhetoric gradually becomes a kind of emptiness and a wound.

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